County Line Smokers is a family competition bbq team that also does catering around the KC area.  From time to time we have friends that come and help out at competitions as well.  We have a passion for BBQ, competing as well as introducing people to competition bbq!  Below are the members of our team!


Next to the Smoker!
The “Pitmaster” of County Line Smokers –  Stan Hays also CEO/Co-Founder of Operation BBQ Relief
The "Grillmaster" and Chicken Taster Nathan Hays a Steak Grilling Champion
The “Grillmaster” and “Chicken Taster” Nathan Hays the youngest Steak Cookoff Association Steak Grilling Champion
Anna thumbs up
The “Rib Cleaner” Anna Hays also a Grilling Champion of Kids Que!











American Royal Team
2014 American Royal Team – Guest Team Member Chris Leyda from Trained Professional BBQ Team